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Beautiful, Shims! I love how it all has an old-ish painted look to it. And the mane on the horse is just wonderful - so bouncy! In term...


Selling my entire collection that ranges from high quality customs, to rare special runs, to cheap bodies. All are Traditionals unless otherwise noted.

Pictures available of all models.

I have never shown my models, so I do not feel comfortable saying if they are LSQ. I am more than happy to provide as many pictures as needed to help you figure that out!

Ask me about discounts on multiple purchases!

I am a non-smoking home.


BEAUTIFUL etched Andalusian Stallion. Lovely dark bay overo, stunning details. Pictures really don't do him justice. Semi-glossy finish. No rubs, scratches, etc. Belly signature looks to say ' CShaw'. Selling for what I paid - $200 ppd.

Bay roan mare and dun foal on the Susecion and Le Fire mold. When I purchased them I was told they were LSQ, but again, I've never shown. Beautiful paint job, fantastic details. Matte finish. No rubs, scratches, etc. Painted by Terra Pennington in 2003. $200 ppd for set, will not separate.

Light honey buckskin on Marabella mold. Nice paint job and details. Matte finish. Small white marks on rear left hoof. No other rubs, scratches, etc. Done by C. Voris in 2005. $35.

Steel gray overo Peruvian Paso Stallion. Really neat hair coloration - black with a reddish sheen to give a natural sun bleached look. By Terra Pennington in 2003, Beautiful details. Matte finish. Unfortunately does have some small flaws. Tiny orange speck on barrel - looks like it should be easy enough to remove by somebody who knows what they're doing. Also some very small black rubs on white blaze on face. I believe I paid $85, asking $40 OBO since he needs some touch ups.

Wild bay sabino on ASB Stallion mold. Not as "finished" looking as the other customs I have. Kind of plastic-y looking paint was used, giving it a shiny finish. No rubs, scratches, etc. Done by Sarah Davies in 2003. $35.


Special Runs:

Inconspicuous - 17th in JAH's Connoisseur Series. Produced in 2004, only 350 pieces made. Shaded flea-bitten grey tobiano pintaloosa, peacock blanket, stripe, loose hair. Clear base. No rubs, scratches, etc. Absolutely gorgeous guy, this was my holy grail model and I'll be sad to see him go. CoA included. $325 OBO. PPD depending on final price.

Baby's First Steps - QVC Special Run. Palomino mare and foal on Susecion and Le Fire mold. No rubs, scratches, etc. $150 ppd for set. Will not separate.

Naughty & Nice - JAH Gambler's Choice. Produced in 2001, about 1500 pieces made of each. Both are on Henry Fjord model. Naughty is a glossy midnight blue with white points. Nice is a glossy alabaster with light blue shading. Both have no rubs, scratches, etc. Both come with CoA. $75 each or $125 for the set.

Odyssey - Equitana USA Model. Produced in 2001, 2500 pieces made. Glossy midnight blue with stars. No rubs, scratches, etc. Comes with CoA. $70.

Black Tie Affair 3-Piece Family. Produced by JCPenny in 2004. Black appaloosa Zippo Pine Bar, Strapless, and Amber Foal.  Some small rubs and slightly raised seam on Strapless model. Other two have no rubs, scratches, etc. $45 for set. Will not separate.

Sherwood - Breyerfest Tent Model. Produced in 2005, only 750 pieces made. Metallic bay pinto on Sherman Morgan mold. Two very small white marks on raised front hoof, otherwise no other rubs or scratches. Beautiful paint job. $85.

Paloma - Breyerfest Tent Model. Produced in 2004, 900 pieces made. Shaded palomino sabino or Marabella mold. Rubs on tips of both ears, tiny black speck on one hip. Comes with CoA. $35.

Cobrizo - Breyerfest Tent Model. Produced in 2004, 1200 pieces made. Metallic bay on Peruvian Paso Stallion mold.. Tiny white mark on barrel - perhaps from a paint flaw. Otherwise no other rubs or scratches. Comes with CoA. $45.

Rose grey Andalusian stallion from 2007 JCPenny 3-Piece Spanish Horse Family. This is for the stallion only, I do not have the other models from this set. Gorgeous coloring, subtle dappling on shoulder and hips. Small black marks on rear white sock and hoof. No other marks or rubs. $40.

Gladwin Lucky Grey Lady - Breyerfest Horse. Produced in 2003. Semi-glossy light grey on Clydesdale Mare mold. Signed on belly. No rubs, scratches, etc. $35.

Atlantis Bey V - Breyerfest Horse. Produced in 2001 , 4000 pieces made. Metallic chestnut with glossy mane and tail on Huckleberry Bay V mold. Base is missing, some rubs on raised front leg that look like they come off a different model. I'm guessing could be removed easily enough. No other rubs, scratches, etc.  $30.

Kris Kringle - WC Collector's Jamboree Model. Produced in 1997, 1200 pieces made. Light dappled grey on Friesian mold. A couple of very small black specks on his hip. Previous owner showed him and won some ribbons. Comes with hang tag, trading card, and ribbons. $45.

Causin' A Commotion - JAH Collector Club Special Edition. Produced in 2003, 2000 pieces made. Small paint flaw on barrel. No other rubs, scratches, etc. Comes with CoA. $30.


$200 takes the whole set! ($135 saving!)

Skullduggery - Rub left front hoof. Small rub on left shoulder. Paint job is not very crisp. No chips. $45.

Nosferatu - Small scratches on right shoulder, hip, and stifle. No chips. $45.

Merry Widow - No scratches, rubs, etc. Beautiful gal. $65.

Cryptic - No scratches, rubs, etc. $50.

Phantasma - Small rub on hip. Pinprick paint bubble on barrel. $40.

Illuminati - NIB. $45.

Twilight Terror - NIB. $45.


Della Robbia - 2005 model. No scratches, rubs, etc. Tack all in excellent condition. $40.

Jack Frost - 1999 model. Comes with complete tack set that is in excellent condition. Horse has some pretty dang good red staining on it. $40.


Alida and Elidor - Pearlescent unicorns on the Marabella and Laying Down Foal mold. No rubs, scratches, etc on either of them. Very nice coloration. $35 for set. Will not separate.

Running Stallion - Stardust The Unicorn. Tiny, hardly noticeable paint flaws on barrel. No rubs or scratches. $15.

Mustang - San Domino the Medicine Hat Stallion. No rubs, scratches, etc. Does not come with book. $20.

Classic Seabiscuit and War Admiral set. Walmart exclusive, produced in 2003. NIB. $25.


Very open to package deals and offers! Just want these gone!

$150 takes 'em all!

Friesian - Fire Magic and Lots of Spots. Both have some rubs. No chips or seam splits. $20 each, or $30 for both.

Peruvian Paso Stallion - Dappled grey. Rubs. No chips or seam splitting. $12.

Silver - Blue Suede Shoes. Rub on left ear tip, black rubs on right hind leg. Small paint flaw on left cheek. $15.

Flash - Flash. A couple of small rubs. No chips or seam splitting. $15.

Welsh Cob - Danaway Tango, longish thin white scratch on belly, so deeming him body quality. No chips or seam split. $10

Andalusian Stallion - Bay RR and SR Nobel II. Bay has some rubs, Nobel 11 has some small black marks.. No chips on either. Nobel II has small seam splitting on back and barrel. Bay has none. $10 for Nobel II, $15 for Bay, or $20 for both.

Henry (Fjord) - RR Henry and SR Silver Wolfe. Both have some black marks on them. No chips or seam splitting. Silver Wolfe comes with CoA. $8 for Henry, $15 for Silver Wolfe. $20 for both.

Zippo Pine Bar - Zip's Chocolate Chip. Small lighter speck (rub?) on rump. No other flaws. $15.

Huckleberry Bey - Huck and Napoleon's Marengo. Both have obvious rubs and no base. No chips or split seams. $15 each, $20 for both.

Sherman Morgan - Winchester. Rubs, no chips or seam splitting. $10.

Indian Pony - Sheeza Good Sport. Rubs, no chips or seam splitting. $10.

Black Beauty - Black Beauty and Riata Ranch Trick Riding Set. Riata Ranch Horse comes with tack (which has some discoloration), but not doll or flag. Horse has a few small rubs on it. No chips or seam splits. Black Beauty "repainted" by ten year old me. Not sealed, so should clean off easily. No chips. $10 for Riata Ranch Horse, $5 for Black Beauty.

Cody - Three of these. All were "repainted" by a ten year old me, not sealed so should come off easily. $5 each, $10 for all three.

Quarter Horse Yearling - "Repainted" by ten year old me. Not sealed, so should clean off easily. Half of one ear is broken off. Free - just pay shipping.

Proud Arabian Mare - OLD dapple grey (from 80's) and SR Banat er Rih. Grey has some rubs, front leg is slightly bowed in, and rough seam up crest. Banat er Rih just has some black marks. No chips on either. $5 for the grey (or free with the purchase of another body), $10 for Banat er Rih.

Thoroughbred Mare - Cupid. Rubs, no chips or seam splitting. $8.

Justin Morgan - Montana Harvest. Rubs, very well loved. No chips or seam splitting. $8.

Lady Roxanna - Sahara. Rubs. No chips or seam splitting. $10.

John Henry - Seabiscuit. Rubs. No chips or seam splitting. $10.

Running Stallion - Stardust The Unicorn. Rubs. No chips or seam splitting. $10.

Proud Arabian Foal - Old dapple grey. Some rubs, no chips. Rough seam on belly. $5 (or free with the purchase of another body).

Running Foal - From JCP Lots Of Spots set. Small black marks all over one side. No chips or seam splitting. $8.

Nursing Foal - Arrow. Rubs, no chips or seam splitting. $5.

Lying Down Foal - "Repainted" by ten year old me. Sprayed with some kind of glossy sealant. Free - just pay shipping.

Classic Andalusian Mare - "Repainted" by ten year old me. Not sealed. No chips. $5.

Classic Black Stallion - Two of these, both were "repainted" by ten year old me. Neither is sealed. No chips. $5 each, or both for $8.

Classic Hollywood Dun It - "Repainted" by ten year old me. Was sealed. $3 or free with another purchase.

I also have a bunch of dogs and a goat or two. Let me know what you're looking for, I can just throw them in with another purchase for no charge.


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Kalee R.
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I like making pictures that sometimes come out pretty. My specialty is being a Grade A creep. The butt to my buddy: :iconswan-studio:

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